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 S H E R I F F ’ S   D E P U T Y 
 S H E R I F F ’ S   D E P U T Y 

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keep your head up and make it to me

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you’re the butcher… or you’re the cattle.

'Church Lady' Walker

'Church Lady' Walker

Daryl Dixon is a smooth flirt

Norman Reedus behind the scenes - 5x02 "Strangers"
Norman Reedus behind the scenes - 5x02 "Strangers"
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            “When everything started, I met my friend Lee. He tried to help me to find my parents. He protected me more than anyone else in my whole life. He died to keep me safe. I was so scared. Because he taught me to be strong. Even when I’m scared. Because he wanted me to live.” — Clementine 

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the walking dead season 5 episode 2: a summary

"What are you doing?"
I don’t know.

Rick: so abraham what's your favorite color
Abraham: waSHINGTON DC
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karma’s a bitch

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