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He told me that I was a    good     man.    But I’m not.

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Days Gone By

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Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time,
What’s your hurry? Every man will have his day to die[x]

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 “This is God’s plan. He’ll take care of me. Always has.”

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make me choose meme  asked: hannibal or the walking dead

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In this fanmix I tried my best to represent the man Rick Grimes was when we first started our journey with him to the man he has become now. The songs symbolize his waking up in the post-apocalyptic world, losing love & losing himself, and regaining sight of the man he truly is and always has been. Most of the songs in the mix have a darker/melancholy vibe to them and that — despite the various genres — is the theme I attempted to stick with (minus maybe a few). listen here

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